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group of athletes wearing Beantown Bootcamp shirts running on bridge


Project Duration: September 2016 – November 2016
Studio Services: Branding // Print Design // Website Design

There are gyms, there are fitness programs, and there’s Beantown Bootcamp. With 15 years under its belt, Beantown Bootcamp delivers a fitness experience so intense it’ll rattle your ancestors.

With a brand and logo they had since 2001, and an inconsistent presence across their materials, they needed some revitalization. We engaged them in a solid branding sprint; one that would help to better reflect the bad-ass nature of the gym and its classes, and most importantly, help convert memberships with a newly designed website.


What separates Beantown Bootcamp from the average Boston fitness center? The fact that it’s primarily small classes lead by certified physical trainers? Maybe it’s because at one moment you’re doing deadlifts and strength training, and the other moment you’re running up and down Beacon Hill. Maybe it’s because every workout is driven by high-octane music that gets members to the finish line. Needless to say, unlike the average gym, a Beantown Bootcamp workout is a full-on fitness experience supported by a tightly-knit, motivational community.

Their ideal clientele was made up of young to middle-aged professionals that don’t work out to simply maintain. They want to continuously excel and crush personal records. They don’t want to simply clock-in and out at a gym, they want to elevate their fitness to a new level. Taking this into consideration, we knew during the design phase we had to create a brand presence that was as kick-ass as the members .


The previous logo was a single lock-up with a distinctive “B” mark. We felt that refining it and giving it new meaning, would be the most intelligent solution. A new “B” mark was created for better functionality and consistency with its brand voice, with the logotype being customized from the same logo typeface. Finally, a cohesive logo family was created for thorough implementation across different media.

The design system was created to be simple, but impactful, with a use of larger typography and bold, energizing colors.

Old Beantown Bootcamp logo with small mark below
New Beantown Bootcamp logo with small mark below
Athlete performing deadlift with Beantown Bootcamp logo below bar
Beantown Bootcamp business cards in diagonal array

Brand Implementation

With the brand identity in place, our second priority was covering the staples. Stationery templates, business cards, and a starter apparel series would be used in membership giveaways to create buzz.

To bring everything together for the new website, we worked with photography studio HIVE.Studio on setting the direction for the photoshoot. Our goal was to fully capture the Beantown Bootcamp fitness experience; from strength training and cardio in the gym, to outdoor workouts in the Beacon Hill area.

Business stationery with Beantown Bootcamp branding
Model wearing hoodie with Beantown Bootcamp logo on front
Model wearing hoodie with Beantown Bootcamp 'BEAST MODE' design on back
Array of posters saying 'Total Health Challenge' with Beantown Bootcamp branding
Water bottles in array with Beantown Bootcamp branding
Subway station with Beantown Bootcamp advertisement campaign


The previous website was difficult to navigate, had a confusing registration process, and was slow-loading; a killing blow for any website’s SEO. For any gym website that offers classes, the goal of any prospective member is to see the classes offered and register. We worked with Beantown Bootcamp on creating a fully-immersive website experience that not only communicated the bad-assery of the brand, but was also easy to update and integrated with MindBody’s API for class scheduling and purchases. We chose Squarespace because of its back-end accessibility and beautifully created templates, that make updating content painless for business owners.

Macbook Pro with Beantown Bootcamp website open

“I had the amazing pleasure of having Chris from Santoro Design rebrand our logo and redesign our website. Chris really spent the time researching what made our business unique and I was truly blown away by how he captured our "bad-ass" image/reputation in our new logo and website design…The new look and feel of our business made our existing customers proud to be members, and we absolutely had an uptick of attracting new sustainable clientele. Do yourself a favor and hire Chris for all your rebranding and website design services.”


When you take on the mantle of “Boston’s Toughest Bootcamp,” you need to embrace it head-on. With a newly defined identity and purpose, that’s exactly what Beantown Bootcamp did. Upon the launch of the new website in early November, site traffic more than doubled; along with a steady increase of newer membership inquiries. So if you’re ever on Canal Street in downtown Boston, and are itching to get a taste of what these guys can do, get ready. They’ll definitely deliver.

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