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An array of iPhones with different webpages of the Fully Human Supplements website


Project Duration: June 2020 – Present
Studio Services: Branding // Package Design // Website Design // Content Marketing Design // Copywriting

Fully Human Supplements is a start-up health supplement company specializing in anti-inflammatory products. It was started in 2019 by former Iraq war-veteran, Tim Chrisman. After being honorably discharged because of osteoarthritis, he began venturing into holistic medicine & nutrition. He eventually came up with a highly potent blend of eight anti-inflammatory ingredients that ultimately helped treat his own chronic pain. With that, he started Fully Human Supplements in mid 2019.

Upon engaging with Santoro Design, Fully Human Supplements required a brand new start. With a bootstrapped visual brand and e-commerce website put together, they required a new brand identity and website that would captivate the right customers and up sales margins.


We honed in on two specific customer communities: the Wellness-Challenged and the Wellness-Inspired. The Wellness-Inspired communities buy supplements because they strive to live generally healthy and balanced lifestyles. The Wellness-Challenged communities buy supplements because they live with chronic illness and pain stemming from chronic inflammation, and have tried other conventional means with no luck. Furthermore, we decided to go after Gen X’ers because of their statistically high buying power, and aspirations for living healthy lifestyles.

Extensive workshops and exercises during Discovery Phase gave us more insights into their products, the highly potent ingredients they use, and how they fight off chronic inflammatory pain. We positioned Fully Human Supplements as the “inflammation specialist” supplement brand, boldly standing amongst many other generalist brands. 

A senior couple outside tying sneakers after a jog


Design began with stylescape boards because they allowed us to establish a sense of what the brand direction could be, while considering the customer base more closely. The chosen look-and-feel direction pushed a cleaner, more established vernacular with high contrast colors, geometric shapes and tight grid structures. The chosen logomark possessed a simplistic and “human” typographic metaphor created by the stem and arm of the “F” and the “eye” cross-bar. 

The square proportions of the mark allowed us to extrapolate a series of grid structures, and other pieces of graphic language. From hard shadows on text call-outs, to icon design, as well as padding around design elements. Additionally, arrays of different geometric shapes were developed as overlaid visual accents to images and text. As a result, these shapes help to create more rhythm within the heavily gridded design, while also breaking it in tasteful ways.

Former logomark for Fully Human Supplements
Knocked out version of the Fully Human Supplements vertical mark
The primary logomark for Fully Human Supplements
The color knockout mark for Fully Human Supplements on a light blue background
The knockout mark for Fully Human Supplements on a green background


With their flagship product in stock, and another in development, the product branding and package design system was created to be simple and scalable for future products. We utilized monochromatic color palettes because they allowed for clean, yet distinctive branding across all products within the system. This system was extrapolated on to a simple label and mailer box design.

Product branding for the Freedom supplement by Fully Human Supplements
Product branding for the Liberty supplement by Fully Human Supplements
Bottles of Fully Human Supplement products lined up on a light blue background
A bottle of Freedom by Fully Human Supplements staged with a light blue gradient background
A bottle of Liberty by Fully Human Supplements staged next to its mailer box near a green background
The supplements Freedom and Liberty by Fully Human Supplements staged with their boxes on a blue background


The website had two main goals: act as an effective brand touchpoint for prospects to learn about the company, and compel new conversions. Because the previous website had a broken architecture, we created a new site-map for the website with a big focus on UX content structure and copywriting. Pages like “What is Inflammation?” and their blog, “The Inflammation Room,” further instilled that inflammation expert positioning.

We found many opportunities to create delight across the website. On each product PDP, we created on-scroll timelines detailing what customers could expect while taking certain supplements. Tab systems for ingredients revealed descriptions that linked to specific articles in “The Inflammation Room.” While we wanted to make the buying experience simple and efficient, it was important that our expertise was laid bare.

View the finished website here.

An array of wireframes for the Fully Human Supplements website
Website screens from the Fully Human Supplements website in an array
Mobile screens of the Fully Human Supplements website in an array

From our first call, Santoro Design went out of their way to ensure I knew this was going to be a different kind of design process. Instead of offering options and solutions, Chris took the time to explain the 'why' behind his thoughts, and understand the 'why' behind Fully Human.…Over the next few weeks what I can only describe as a summer miracle occurred—we went from home-grown small business to full-fledged company. From a rough idea, to polished gold. His team helped with brand strategy & identity, web, packaging and product design, and even ad creation. This experience was truly exceptional, and I cannot recommend Chris and team highly enough.


Since launching the website in October 2020, Santoro Design has been working alongside Fully Human Supplements on new branding & marketing initiatives. As this is a retainer agreement, this case study will continue to be updated.

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