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A mother doing online yoga classes with her child


Project Duration: January 2018 – March 2018
Collaborators: Elyse Bogacz Creative
Studio Services: Branding // Print Design

Ompractice is a platform that completely changes the experience of practicing yoga at home. The platform allows students to take live, online yoga classes whenever, wherever. Teachers can host live classes for students, with the added ability to also see how students are doing in case they need to correct form.

While the initial brief called for a brand refresh, it was clear that we needed to go deeper. Alongside product design consultant, Elyse Bogacz Creative, we dove into the creative process to ultimately create a satisfyingly clean, peaceful, yet dynamic identity system.

A young woman practicing yoga in her room


Even before getting into the design phase, we knew that there would be a challenge to avoid the overly trendy aspects of the yoga industry. While this was rooted in yoga practice, it was clear to us that Ompractice was a tech-company, and the branding needed to reflect that.

Upon kick-off and initial moodboarding exercises, we went into an exploration of numerous sketches & concepts inspired by yoga and its practice. As we went further into iterations, we began to fixate on the idea that the concept of “practice”—not just in yoga but in most things—is inherently non-linear, and sometimes walls are hit along the way, which brought in the metaphor of the labrynth. The palette was created with two user audiences in mind: practitioners who sign up for the classes, and the teachers who host them.

Panels of various logo sketches for Ompractice
The new logo for Ompractice on a white background
The new logo for Ompractice on a teal background
The new logo for Ompractice on a violet background

Brand Implementation

Further comps testing with the labrynth made it clear to us that the mark itself had a ton of potential for brand value. Used as the primary design element across business stationery & discount cards, the mark superimposed behind practitioners on banners and posters pushed the idea that anyone could use the platform and become one with their practice journey.

Business stationery with Ompractice branding on a teal background
A popsocket with Ompractice branding on a violet background
An open brand guidelines booklet for Ompractice showing logo usage
Tradeshow banners and table set-up with Ompractice branding
A stack of business cards with Ompractice branding
A stack of hand-out flyers detailing new yoga classes through Ompractice
Rows of posters detailing new yoga classes through Ompractice on a teal background

"We had a delightful experience working with Santoro Design on our startup branding for Ompractice! Chris led us through a deeply collaborative, thorough process – we had a lot of fun working together. Chris was patient throughout each step, and ultimately helped us create a brand identity that resonated with both our team and our community. I’d recommend Santoro Design for any startup’s branding or design needs.”


Since the branding sprint ended in mid-2018, Ompractice has gone on to close deals and partnerships with a variety of different agencies and businesses, including digital agency VaynerMedia. With that sort of growth over the span of a year, it’s hard not to be overly proud of a group of accomplished, and extremely kind people with a fantastic product. So the next time you’re itching to get a yoga session in, head on to their site, grab yourself a membership, and truly be at home in yoga class.

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