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An array of mauve colored business cards with a swan S logo for Siana Aesthetics

Siana Aesthetics

Project Duration: November 2019 – Present
Studio Services: Branding // Print Design // Website Design // Content Marketing Design // Environmental Design

Siana Aesthetics is a brand new medical spa opening up in Bridgewater, MA. Run by husband & wife, Howard & Lisa Kesselman, their goal was to create a place that would help to rejuvenate and reinvigorate their clients, and open their doors to new beginnings. Before Siana Aesthetics, both Howard and Lisa had extensive backgrounds in medical and pharmaceutical industries, with Howard (MD) specializing in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

When Santoro Design first engaged with them, they had just begun the buildout of the spa and were in dire need of a logo and business stationery. What resulted was the building of a foundation; a brand identity system that was built upon their goals to help people become the best versions of themselves.


Our Discovery Phase process entailed a deep-dive into their backgrounds and brand story, while also researching their audience and competition. We established that the audience was comprised of young (ages 25–39) to middle-aged professionals (ages 39–54) who were of upper middle class to wealthy income levels, looking for services ranging from skin treatments to neurotoxin (Botox) injections. One interesting insight from the research was that while the audience for medical spas is primarily female, there is a silent increase in male patients looking for treatments. While competing spas mostly honed in on the feminine audience, we felt there was an opportunity to reach out to the male audience as well. With this in mind, we worked with Siana Aesthetics to establish their brand strategy; consisting of brand pillars, their mission & values, their brand traits, and how to reach out to their desired audiences.


Moodboarding exercises revealed a desire for something inherently feminine, sleek, and calming. The mark needed to feel elegant and high-end, but not too exclusive. It still needed to link back towards the mission of giving their patients their new beginnings. Additionally, further research pointed towards many overused motifs in spa branding, such as lotus flowers, facial profiles, and references to water and botanicals. We felt that in order for Siana Aesthetics to truly stand out, the mark needed to be uniquely them.

Upon starting the design process, deep iteration processes lead us to the metaphor of a swan. Already being symbolic of elegance, beauty and maturity, we didn’t realize that the swan was also symbolic of healing. It was a natural choice for us, and for Siana Aesthetics, to choose this as the primary logo; to have Siana Aesthetics truly own its mission through its mark. With this mark at the helm, along with a fluid color palette system for both feminine and masculine audiences, a suite of starting patterns followed which helped flex the brand in a modern, but elegant way.

Full color logo with a pink "S" swan above a dark mauve background, the business name "Siana Aesthetics Medical Spa"
Full color logo with a mauve "S" swan above the business name "Siana Aesthetics Medical Spa"
A white logo with a "S" swan above a pink background, the business name "Siana Aesthetics Medical Spa"
Full color logo with a pink "S" swan above a mauve background, the business name "Siana Aesthetics Medical Spa"
Full color logo with a mauve "S" swan to the left of the business name "Siana Aesthetics Medical Spa"


During design iterations, we found that there was great potential for creating a flexible brand language. Minimalistic yet elegant typography was chosen to push the high-end feel, while we went on to create a color palette system that spoke equally for both primary (feminine) and secondary (masculine) audiences. We went on to finalize a suite of patterns derived from the “S swan” mark, as well as supplementary textures for social media graphics.

Among the tasks we were aiming to have done for a soft-launch opening, we created a series of branded materials, including a stand-up banner and gift bags. Working with the appropriate vendors, we finalized a simplistic labeling system for a suite of skin-care products to be sold in store. This all culminated in the development of both exterior and interior signage.

Business stationery and gift packaging set on a dark maroon stage, each item with the Siana Aesthetics logo on it
A display consisting of a gift bag, lotion packaging, and container of skin cream with Siana Aesthetics branding
Stacked containers of face cream with the Siana Aesthetics branding
A stylish white desk with the Siana Aesthetics logo in the background on a grey wall, with wall shelves to the left holding products
A banner stand for Siana Aesthetics propped in the interior near the front desk.
Two brochures advertising Fillers and Injection services by Siana Aesthetics
A billboard with an advertisement which says "New Year, New You," by Siana Aesthetics
A doctor wearing a doctor's jacket with the Siana Aesthetics logo on it
A nurse wearing mauve scrubs with the Siana Aesthetics logo on it


For Siana Aesthetics, the primary needs for the website were to generate leads and brand awareness, and allow patients to reach out for consultation. Moving into the full website design, it was crucial that we created a simplistic, elegant site experience that would allow potential clients to get the information they needed and book a consultation. Aside from that functionality, we needed to incorporate the API for PatientNOW, the CRM of choice.

After going through initial site-mapping and content structure exercises, we worked with Siana Aesthetics to build the website to help with future scaling and flexible updating.

Browser windows for desktop, tablet, and mobile displaying the Siana Aesthetics website
A laptop on a white design next to a vase of roses, with the Siana Aesthetics website on the screen


Since their successful soft-launch in February 2020, Santoro Design and Siana Aesthetics have been working together to help grow the brand, through marketing materials and digital assets. As this is a current client relationship, we’ll continue to update this case study.

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