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A tradeshow booth for Zumper on a blue background


Project Duration: Ongoing Retainer
Studio Services: Print Design // Website Design // Content Marketing Design // Environmental Design

Apartment hunting can be a drag. With more millenials and young adults looking to rent rather than buy property, the need for a trustworthy, easy to use apartment search resource becomes higher. Sure, one could use online resources like Craigslist or Facebook MarketPlace, but the results may end up being less than desired. Real estate agents can also be costly for younger audiences.

Enter Zumper, a real estate tech platform built on making the apartment hunt experience better and more robust. With the ability to hunt for apartments in a variety of hot locations across the country, with the ability to instantly apply to and receive real-time notifications about listings, Zumper takes the headache out of searching for your next home. Additionally, Zumper is the only platform in its marketplace that also caters to property managers; both independent property owners and multifamily complex managers. With Zumper, property managers can blast their listings everywhere (including Facebook Marketplace), collect payments from tenants, and screen prospects to ensure they get the best tenants for their property.

Santoro Design has engaged with Zumper on a variety of different projects, ranging from inbound marketing pieces to tradeshow booths. We highly value them as a client, and we always look forward to the next project with them.


As a tech company, Zumper caters to their user base by putting out cutting-edge content about the rental marketplace, or developing and adding new features to their platform. Regardless of what they’re releasing, a well-designed suite of email templates is crucial to have in order to raise brand awareness, create the right amount of intrigue, and ultimately create and measure conversions. With that, the goal was to create a new master email template system with modules that could be built and used in their drag-and-drop email builder.

An email blast with different content modules coming together
Various email blast layouts for Zumper on a blue background


Whether you’re looking to move or even find stuff to do in a new city, Zumper’s Neighborhood Guides have you covered. These comprehensively written blog posts cover everything prospective renters would want to know before making the big decision to move; details such as top places to eat & drink, neighboring towns, and nearby attractions.

We worked with the Zumper marketing team to create the design around two of their neighborhood guides: Bishop Arts District and Deep Ellum. These posts allowed us to step outside of the Zumper brand, and get more in touch with the inherent culture of each neighborhood; even going so far as to lightly brand each of them. Whether it was a distinctive type treatment or a custom illustration, we sought to push each one to be as fun and engaging as possible.

Bishop Arts District Neighborhood Guide

The Bishop Arts District in Dallas, TX is a lively neighborhood full of creativity, entertainment and a good dose of small-business hustle-bustle. With the use of hand-drawn illustrations and bright colors indicative of the murals that color the neighborhood, we ended up “branding” the Bishop Arts District as a great place for prospective renters to explore.

Deep Ellum District Neighborhood Guide

If you’re looking for a dose of Texan nightlife, then the Deep Ellum District is your next stop. We worked with the Zumper marketing team to create a dark but fun look-and-feel that fit the night-time excitement that the Deep Ellum District can bring. Hand-drawn illustrations and icons come together to create a neighborhood guide that is both fun and informative.

Illustrations of people behind the Renter Retention Calendar from Zumper

2020 Renter Retention Calendar

For property managers and management teams of multi-family properties, keeping renters for the long-haul is a balancing act of providing incentives to stay and bringing their communities together. We worked with the Zumper marketing team on creating a suite of illustrations and custom iconography, as well as designing the layout for this interactive downloadable inbound campaign. Within the first month, the Renter Retention Calendar outperformed many of the other inbound campaigns running toward the end of 2019, with hundreds of leads generated.

A suite of colorful illustrations for each month divided up by four distinctive color palettes for each business quarter
A printed version of the Renter Retention Calendar from Zumper on a table-top surface
A printed booklet of the 2019 Year In Review from Zumper on a blue background

2019 A Year In Review

To close out the year 2019, Zumper compiled a list of renter-specific trends and behaviors to create a downloadable asset for property managers of multi-family apartment complexes. From ideal amenities to 2020 trend forecasting, this e-book sought to prepare property managers for renting success. For this, we worked on a suite of illustrations and icons that resembled the young adult renter audiences, while laying out the pages with vibrant infographics speaking towards the priorities that guide renters’ decisions.

An open booklet copy of Zumper's 2019 Year In Review report


Since 2005, the Apartment Internet Marketing Conference has hosted multifamily property owners across the country, to get up to speed on the best practices for marketing and selling their rental properties. As a key player in this space, Zumper looked to us to create a booth design for the conference.

A blue tradeshow booth for Zumper on a blue background
A blue tradeshow booth for Zumper on a blue background
A blue tradeshow booth for Zumper on a blue background


Zumper is a company solving a key problem in many peoples’ lives by providing them with a platform that has their best interests in mind. Whether it’s looking for a new apartment in a new city, or putting a newly furnished condo out on the rental market, Zumper seems to have something for everyone. For us, it’s a fantastic client relationship that’s built on great work, fueled by great ideas, and even greater people. If you’re thinking about your next apartment and don’t know where to turn, download Zumper immediately!

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